Thursday, September 11, 2014

Least Cost Path using Spatial Modeler

The Whats and Whys?

Compute the least cost path between two points/location in Rabun county

The first point/location we picked was Rabun County Jail and the second one was somewhere in Rabun Bald. We picked these locations to re-enact a hypothetical prison break/escape scenario, for some fun, but eventually got dropped and we did not to continue too deep with the theme. The example though stayed with us and is used extensively by my team in our automated testing suites for ERDAS IMAGINE one of the flagship products of Hexagon Geospatial

This blog post is my attempt to use the example as a tutorials to show how to use the Least Cost Path operator in Spatial Modeler.

Using the Operator

Create a Cost Map

Video still to come...

Filter and Rasterize the to/from points from a larger data

Video still to come...

Whole big model

Video still to come...